Mar 06 2010

The Importance of the Family Unit in Society: Families, Our Future!

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a family pictureWhat makes a society a healthy society is family, and the most important component of family is children. To create a permanent healthy community all individuals have some responsibilities and duties. But the biggest responsibilities and the most important duties are the families’. There are three main duties of families, which are social, emotional, intellectual & cultural, to grow up well-mannered offspring.

We can talk about three types of families that play very important roles in social structure of a community. First are families that increase social consciousness of individuals whose members are aware of each other. We can be sure their child will also be aware of others and will show high respect either. Also, in the future those children’s children will become the same. Second are families which grow up good citizens, who can make strong decisions not only about their own lives but also about the destiny of their country. Children grew up in these kind of families will assert themselves and show their predilections with a high self-confidence. Third are families providing order in their own lives. This inner order will make the kids, grown in those families, conscious about social order. As everyone knows, there has been a great increase in crime rates currently. And it is obvious that, the main reason is the disorder in family structures. That is why, a family taking care of the order itself, will decrease crime rates and provide social order.

The other duty that families carry on their shoulders is providing the emotional needs of people. There are three main emotional needs of human being. First is love. We all need to be loved and feel secure against pitfalls of life. Love is the only source of happiness. It is neither money nor career. It is only love, which you can take with you when it is time to leave. And the endless source that you can get love is family, nowhere else. Second is a peaceful atmosphere. A warm place purified with peace. Home, with members solving their problem by talking, without bickering… A democratic discussion atmosphere that gives the chance for every member to defend his or her own rights… And it is the families that teach peace to children and be the pioneers of world peace. Third is a well-balanced freedom. Everyone wants to choose his or her life-style. However, as a member of a community there are some limitations. The only unit that can show these limitations is the family, by treading a fine line of permissiveness. This could be done by supervising the child but not by interfering. Otherwise, the upshot will be either a too independent person who cares no one or a very inferior person who lives dependent on others.

The last important duty of families is to grow their children up in an intellectual and cultural atmosphere. To provide this atmosphere, there are three musts. First, well-educated parents are essential. The level of their education states the methods they use to prepare their children for life. The more the parents are learned, the more completed the children become in every respect. Also, the children who are brought up by highly educated parents become much more aware of the absolute necessity of education. Second, socially active parents play a great role in providing a cultural atmosphere. A family whose members listening to qualified music, going to theatre, opera or cinema, reading books, following both national and international press and watching news, can easily give their children the chance to be a learned member of society. In the future those children will give the same chance, as parents having artistic, political and social point of view. Third, parents who have a research oriented global mind are a must. A family whose members have improved themselves with universal knowledge, will present their children a worldwide educational and cultural atmosphere and make them open minded. This will give the parents of the future the chance to cope with numerous difficulties successfully by doing research and trying to find a scientific solution.

In conclusion, if we want a respectful, peaceful and orderly society, if our purpose is to make the world a better place full of love, respect and humanity, if we want our future become the highly educated, learned and global minded children, we should be aware of the importance of the family. If we do not want to see anyone saying “If only” ruefully anymore, we should stop, think and give the necessary importance for family.

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